Life Management

life management At The Men's Center we take a whole person approach to a patient's health. In order to fully help you reach your health goals, we evaluate every part of your life. Since hormonal imbalances are not always the problem, we have to look at everything that can affect you. What a person ingests, your hobbies, career, sleep patterns, medications, surgeries, and exercise regimen effect your health in ways that you might not be aware of.

Your diet
The type of food you eat, quality, quantity and timing of your meals effect how your body uses the fuel you give it. At The Men's Center we have many options to test for vitamin deficiency. We also have relationships with vendors that can prepare and deliver healthy meals to you. These vendors help take the guess work out of meal planning and can be a wonderful option for the busy professionals or anyone wanting a better, easier choice for gaining muscle, losing weight or eating healthier.

Your sleep
Sleep is the fertile ground from which our lives grow. Studies have shown a link between insufficient sleep and serious health issues such as heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes and obesity. Are you getting enough quality sleep? Is it possible your habits may be sabotaging your sleep? Better sleep habits and patterns are instrumental in the success of reaching your health goals.

Your medications
Some medications can cause a multitude of side effects. An evaluation of these and possible substitution can eliminate many problems.

Surgeries or Injuries
People often have injuries or surgery and don't get back to the functional state they had prior to the incident. A full evaluation and possible rehabilitation can make a big difference

Everyone has their own idea of what exercise is. We focus on the proper exercise that fits the individual. By balancing hormones, you can get the energy back to do exercise which will in turn give you more energy. Often a referral to a physical therapist or personal trainer is indicated. We also have a close relationship with Downtown Chiropractic Sports Development Center. At The Men's Center we strive for improved health in our patients along with an improved quality of life. The depth we may got into any of the above areas will depend on you. Remember that to reach your health goals a thorough evaluation of your lifestyle may be needed. If you're ready for a better life now and in the future, remember the future starts now.